When people buy a parrot they think of a cage. Right? The problems associated with just a cage are becoming more and more apparent in the parrots we keep. I am a firm believer, after many years of research, that cages are a major factor contributing to feather plucking in birds. I successfully keep my macaws on "walkabouts" long branches that have been set-up connecting one to another and supported by legs built from more natural branches. Kind of like a hand-rail in a theme park. This "walkabout" meanders through ground foilage and shrubs to create a tropical look. Everything is built around a large tree for shade purposes and possible hawk problems. See pictures below:

These pictures are in front of my office where I have constant supervision of my birds, nevertheless, I have never run into any problems. The birds wings are clipped
 and they all seem content to stay on the "walkabouts" and away from the ground. The bennefits of the fresh air and the unobstructed sun rays are huge. Parrots need
unobstructed sun in order for their systems to produce vitamin D. True vitamin D is not found in the foods we give to them. Synthetic vitamin D in pellets and vitamin
suppliments cannot even closely replace this essential vitamin that pure unobstructed sunlight provides. Sun through windows or glass is filtered by ultraviolet 
prohibitors. Vitamin D is essential in any parrot's system to senthesize and make use of calcium. Pictures are in Agoura Hills California.

Baby Blue and Gold and Redfronts weaning with use of long food trays

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