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Parakeets in California

We will not be offering parakeets for sale this year.
Parakeet facts

* Parakeets originated in Austrailia.
* Parakeets are now bred and sold almost everywhere and are the most popular bird species being kept as pets.
* Most Parakeets found for sale have not been handled making them very difficult to tame for new owners.
* Parakeets come in a wide variety of different color mutations that are quite pretty.
* Parakeets make exceptional pets that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Parakeets for sale

    We are always handling and finger training baby parakeets. You like many many others may have seen the cute parakeets found in the superstores only to find that they're not tame at all. I asked once if I could hold one just to see what they would say... Politely, the store attendant said, " Oh no, you can't hold them in the store they will fly away." 

Why parakeets are so fun

    Parakeets are so friendly that truely everyone in the family, and friends can interact with and play with a hand trained pet. Parakeets have become so  domesticated that babies fed entirely by the parents can be tamed if they are very young. Ours are tamed very young. 

Why pay more for a hand tamed

    Most people go to a pet super store or even a bird store and pick a colorful flighty bird, take it home, and put it in a cage only to find out that it doesn't want to come out... and the little bugger BITES! What's worse is it was supposed to be a pet for a 10 year old. After a month or so you start to feel guilty that the poor little bird is all alone so 20 bucks later you have two that chirp merrily all day as long as you don't touch them.

How come nobody hand tames them 

    Nobody hand tames them because for 25 bucks ( about what you pay for one at Pet Smart) it's not worth the time and effort.

Why do people keep buying them 

    Because their cute, cheap, and kids really want one "please" After buying the bird, a cage, seed, treats, toys, mineral block, and on and on... Stores love selling them because the profit is in the extras. Most of the time the pretty little buggers are the focal point of the store. Just like hampsters - they will forever be sold because they are cute. 

Why do I handtame and finger train them?

    Because I have discovered that the hand tamed parakeet truely is the perfect bird for kids.We now have our own tiny parakeet who is the favorite with my kids. The green cheek conure runs a very close second as best bird for kids.


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