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I am a bird breeder in California offering: conures for sale, macaws for sale, and rainbow lories. 

How this parrots in California news feed can answer many of your parrot questions: When you click on this feed there is a search box upper right on the newly opened page labled "displaying." Type a word or two describing what you want to know and you will get all the info. on say "feather plucking" without haveing to search the whole blog.

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Hello and welcome to my website. I am a bird breeder in Los Angeles California. I breed GreenCheek conures, jenday conures, a few cockatiels and rainbow lories, under my small bird program and Macaws under my large bird program. Other types of parrots are occasionally available.

breed, hand-feed, and keep many exotic birds... It is my passion. I also love writing and sharing information on birds as I work with them, breed them, and keep them as pets. So much is still undiscovered in regards to their behavior both in the wild and as pets in our homes. 

I have been looking for a place to exibit my macaw breeder pairs as well as breed them in a cage free open aviary. As far as I know this has never been done before. Also it will give the general public a chance to see the health, diet, and care of the birds I work with. This is also unheard of in aviculture - to be able to come and see ones breeding pairs. I envite everyone to come see once the exibit is finished. I will update this notice as construction begins. 07/10/2013 We are pending approval and hope to get underway towards the end of July. Visit the nursery here - Elegant Gardens Nursery



My Credentials:
•I am a certified aviculturist level 1 through the AFA.
•I am a member of the AFA.
•I have been a bird breeder for over twenty years in California
•I am an independent product consultant
for Doterra essential oils and currently studying the possible uses of these organic oils in treating bacterial and fungal infections in bird species.
•I currently breed large and small birds emphasizing on the study of their health and behavior.

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