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History of Parrots For sale

    Parrots are defined simply as: exotic birds with a hooked bill. A large variety of them originated from Central and South
  America, Africa and Australia. Hundreds of different parrot species of which totaled in the millions were imported into
         the United States 
during the 1970's and 1980's to be sold. n 1992 until a law was passed that prohibited further importation
  of parrots 
into the U.S. altogether. During importation parrots were treated very poorly. Import facilities were filled 
parrots for sale to pet stores and individuals - many facilities were way beyond capacity, as a result, disease and filth
ran rampant. Finally after outbreaks of psittacosis, that affected both people and the poultry industry, The Wild Bird
      Conservation act was passed in 1992. The demand for parrots continued to rise - black markets selling smuggled parrots 
began to grow as did bird farms and breeding facilities scrambling to fill the demand for parrots sold as pets.

20 Years Ago 

Big breeders began setting up shop filling many types of cages and aviaries with all kinds of different parrot species.
           Some species started to breed readily as others not so well. The most colorful parrots sold well as did some types of parrots
                      that were talented with the ability to "talk." Large macaws, amazons, conures, cockatoos and african greys seemed to be among the
        favorites. Big breeders began filling pet stores with handfed babies. Pet stores of all types began carrying a certain number
              of parrots for sale. It wasn't uncommon to find pet stores selling fish, dogs, parrots, reptiles, mice, rats, ... all in the same store.
                    Most companion parrots were purchased in these types of stores, therefore, pet stores became the major supplier of parrots being
                    sold  to the public. Baby parrots were purchased by the pet stores unweaned at a substantially discounted price since hand-feeding
               proposed a very expensive and laborious problem for big breeders trying to care and hand-feed hundreds of babies around the
                     clock. Weaning and socializing all of these babies required more staff, special facilities to house the babies, as well as special equip-
                    ment to keep babies warm and humidified. Breeders with large farms needed to off load much of this work to be able to stay pro-
                    fitable. "Backyard" breeders started popping up looking to make a buck at selling parrots. These new breeders further cut into the 
                    profits of the large bird farms making it even more difficult to be profitable. Parrots were being sold in the local news papers and 
                through classifieds in the back of popular magazines like "Bird Talk" and "Bird Breeder." The pet stores started to lose sales as 
                      it became much cheaper to buy birds directly from the breeders. After a number of years many of the very large breeders started to
                   disappear or cut back on the number of different kinds of birds they raised. Only the most profitable species were kept and bred 
                      as a way to streamline the business. Some of the breeders had established a name for themselves by specializing in a certain type of
                      parrot family ... "Macaws only" or "Solely ecelectus" , "specializing in African greys", "Simply Cockatoos", "Strictly amazons" ect...

The Internet
                       Enter the age that will change everything forever. Huge breeders by this time were all but gone yet specialized breeders were selling
                        parrots to pet stores unweaned as well as through magazines and local papers "weaned to the public." As the internet began to rage
                       websites started popping up with parrots for sale to anyone across the entire United States - websites reached customers anywhere 
                      internet was available. This broadened the market and started to level the playing field for breeders big and small. Parrots are now
being sold mostly through the internet from small breeders, brokers, and just a handful of larger facilities.                
       My Parrots
For Sale 
            I would consider myself a small breeder holding under fifty pairs of parrots at the current time. I started breeding and selling
     parrots in 1992
 and I have bred and sold almost every kind of parrot species. I am very fond of the large macaw parrots,
              amazon parrots, rainbow lories, and the green cheek conures with the many color mutations becoming available for sale to the
         general public. Breeding, studying, and selling parrots as companions is my passion not my profession. After many years of
       breeding birds I have found that if you don't absolutely love it forget it - It's a lot of work period! Baby Parrots for sale

My Blog that I call Macaology

                     This is the study of macaw parrots, and now including other parrots, using pictures to teach simple principals about keeping parrots
                    and avoiding the problems involved with keeping parrots. Many of the new pictures will be of parrots that I currently have for sale.
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